Beautiful, historic

Prince William Forest Park is the premiere camping area in Northern Virginia.


expert coaches

All of our trainers have at least 8 years experience in Pencak Silat and also sport Silat.


Tanding (sparring) and Tunngal (form) techniques will be structured based on our proven curriculum.

Date: August 13-15

Join college and high-school age practitioners from across the USA and Canada for an exciting 3-day journey into Silat, an amazing martial art and sport from Indonesia, Malaysia and other regions in South-East Asia.

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What will I do at CAMP?

Our goal is to introduce you to the amazing art of Pencak Silat, and teach you some basic and mid-level sport Silat techniques. During the camp you will be doing the following:

Learn Cool Techniques

Silat is unique in that it has striking, throws, ground techniques and even weapon training. It bridges the gap between stand-up fighting such as kickboxing and grappling.

Meet new martial artists

Meeting and interacting with other martial artists. A big part of Silat is what Indonesians call silaturahmi. building a positive community or social network for like-minded individuals.

Train with your Friends

Training alone sucks. We will partner you with other participants your size/gender to practice. You can put those techniques into action by sparring with your fellow participants and even win a prize at the end of the camp.

Be Nationally Ranked

By joining Silat Sport Camp, you can start your path to becoming a member of the Pencak Silat national team. Train with the best, compete internationally and possibly even join the Olympics!

Dr. Joshua Salaam
Motivational Speaker

Dr. Joshua is a chaplain at Duke University and is former Silat student, martial artist and camp director. He will be provide valuable advice and positive motivation to the participants throughout the Sport Silat Camp.